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Looking for polished documents that reflect your business's professionalism? Welcome to! I'm Jindřich Pavelka, based in Prague, Czech Republic, and I have extensive experience in template creation and document formatting within the Microsoft Office suite. Templates come with preset properties like font styles and sizes, color schemes, logo placement, and other design elements, as well as standardized headers, footers, and more.

I focus on ensuring that templates are user-friendly, have a suitable structure, integrate corporate colors into the color theme, company fonts, and employ standard styles in Word or slide layouts in PowerPoint. With templates, your work will be more efficient because they:

  • Maintain a consistent look of documents and presentations – they adhere to a unified visual style of the company (corporate identity), enhance its outward presentation, and enable even less experienced users to create professional and consistent outputs;
  • Facilitate and expedite work, saving time and money.

I will tailor templates to match your branding guidelines, ensuring consistency across all your documents. Word templates and PowerPoint templates are the most common, but I can also create Excel templates, where the use of automated tools can often be handy, or a protected PDF form.

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If you have a clear idea about templates and what you expect from them, you can directly view:
referencessamplesprices and materials required for template production.

Good Template

A good template has a consistent, professional design and is user-friendly. When creating templates, I ensure they are simple, clean, and contain only the essentials. It is crucial to set up templates according to the visual identity manual (manual logo) if available, or according to specific customer preferences and requirements – defining fonts, colors, logo placement, etc. I consider how users will work with the template and also strive, within reason, to prevent users from inadvertently "messing up" the template.

Quality and Reliable Service

I place great importance on high-quality work and reliable service. I always strive to bring things to a successful conclusion to the full satisfaction of the customer. I like the quotes from Tomáš Baťa, the famous Czech entrepreneur: the well-known and timeless “Our customer, our master”, but also “Try to do things the best in the world, and the world will pave the way to your door”. My approach to work is also described on the About this Website page and in the five reasons to cooperate.

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